WTA Championships attendance reaches new highs

In it’s rookie year the Singapore WTA Championships attendance figures reached a new high with a total of 129,000 people attending and sold out crowds in 4 of the 11 sessions. These numbers are proof of a successful, yet small, first step towards the WTA’s goal of becoming ‘the most exciting entertainment in sports’.

Attendance is up

This year’s total attendance of 129,000 fans is an increase of 84% compared to 2013. Compared to the 69,983 of last year’s event in Istanbul, Turkey, the WTA has done a great job in increasing the size of the event. An increase in attendance was expected as the event expanded from six to ten days. The WTA has transformed the WTA Championships from a tennis event into a full size entertainment spectacle.

WTA Championships Attendance

Breaking down the numbers

  • Besides 93,000 fans attending the matches, over 36,000 people visited the non-tennis activities.
  • When accounting for the four extra days the total attendance figures have increased by 11% per day compared to 2013 and 6% compared to 2012.
  • The Singapore Sports Hub has a lower seating capacity with 10,000 than Istanbul had with 16,410.
  • In the three years in Istanbul the WTA Championships filled between 71% and 74% of stadium capacity. In Singapore 85% of stadium capacity was filled over the 11 sessions, excluding non-match attendance.

WTA Championships Capacity

Online presence of the WTA

In addition to increased attendance figures, the WTA reported an overall increase of 127.6 percent of page impressions among their websites. The WTA Championships attendance across the web and social media were also up, with more than 60 millions fans engaging online during the event.

Obviously the WTA Championships Singapore has had a great first year when looking at the attendance figures. By increasing the event in size and scope the WTA could have been pretty confident the numbers would go up and they have. It will be great to see whether the event can perform even better next year.

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