Tennis players with an own clothing line

Tennis players with an own clothing line

There are a number of tennis players with an own clothing line. Some of these lines have become respectable brands. Others sponsor several tour players or are only worn by the player. Players like Nadal and...

The curious case of Kuznetsova’s sponsor Qiaodan

In the beginning of 2013 Russian tennis ace Svetlana Kuznetsova switched from well-known brand Fila to Qiaodan, a relative unknown brand. The partnership between the two-time Grand Slam champion and the Chinese clothing brand...

New tennis events challenge the status quo

Tennis is a sport loyal to tradition where rules have hardly changed over time. Yet recently new events and formats have been introduced to develop the sport, to expand into new markets and to...


4 business takeaways from the IPTL setup

The International Premier Tennis League (IPTL) setup and seeming success confirm that tennis is on the rise in Asia. By providing tennis in a new format with new rules in a different period to...

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