Roland Garros

The ‘We Are Tennis’ campaign by BNP Paribas

To leverage sponsorship deals, companies implement countless campaigns. Ranging from commercials to online communities. Peugeot, for example, launched the ‘Drive To Tennis’ campaign, involving the tennis players they sponsor. BNP Paribas is also active...

Fantasy Tennis League Tennis Australia

Where to play fantasy tennis online?

Fantasy sports are getting more and more popular. New sports are added, daily fantasy sports is growing and sports organisations like football leagues run their own fantasy games. So how is fantasy tennis doing...

Fan activities at Roland Garros 2017

Roland Garros 2017 takes place from May 22 till June 11. The tournament constantly improves all kinds of features. It has finally gotten the go-ahead on expanding the site and redevelopments of the stadium,...

A ‘Grand Slam Dunk’ or not so much?

Based on the past two decades what will the Australian Open winners do at the other Grand Slams The man and woman winning the Australian Open this weekend will have a great start to...

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