Kit sponsors at the European Championship

Kit sponsors at the European Championship

As one of the biggest sports competitions, the European Championship has a great reach for sponsors. Including for sports brands providing the nations’ kits. Euro 2020 recorded a cumulative live match audience of 5.23 billion. With the final, in which Italy beat England after penalties, watched by 328 million fans. 

Euro 2024 takes place in Germany from June 14th until July 14th and will likely record similar figures. Providing tournament sponsors, such as UEFA global sponsor and ball provider Adidas and UEFA referee match kit supplier Macron, with a great opportunity.

But which other sports apparel brands are represented at Euro 2024? And which brands dominate as kit sponsor at the European Championship historically?

Which brands sponsor the teams at the European Championship 2024?

Six different sports apparel brands sponsor the 24 nations competing at Euro 2024. Including Adidas, Hummel, Joma, Macron, Nike, and Puma.

Kit sponsors at the European Championship 2024

With nine nations (38 percent), Nike supplies the most teams in Germany. Eight of which were also active at Euro 2020 while wearing the American brand. Finland failed to qualify this time around, but as Slovenia qualified Nike has the same number of nations at Euro 2024 as four years prior.

German brand Adidas sponsors six nations, including hosts Germany. Two less than during Euro 2020. Sweden, Russia and Wales failed to qualify. However, reigning champions Italy were added after switching from Puma in 2023.

Despite no longer sponsoring Italy, Puma still supplies four nations at Euro 2024. The third most and the same number as during the previous edition. In addition to Austria, Czechia, and Switzerland, Serbia qualified.

Besides supplying the referees with kits, Macron also supplies Albania and debutant Georgia. While Joma sponsors Romania and Ukraine and Danish brand Hummel Denmark.

Kit sponsors at the European Championship 2024

NationKit sponsorBuy from Amazon (Affiliate link)
ItalyAdidasHome | Away

Nike vs Puma most frequent matchup during the group stage

The top three matchups during the group stage are between Nike and Puma (seven times), Nike and Nike (five times), and Adidas and Adidas (four times).

While there are four nations with Puma kits, none of them play each other during the group stage. While the two Joma-supplied teams do face each other during the group stage.

Top 3 most frequent brand matchups during the Euro 2024 group stage

MatchupNumber of times
Nike vs Puma7
Nike vs Nike5
Adidas vs Adidas5

Number of different brands since 1988

Since 1988, the number of different sponsors at the Euros has fluctuated between four and eight. However, as the number of participating nations increased, so did the number of brands on average.

When the tournament expanded from eight to 16 nations in 1996, the number of kit sponsors doubled (from four to eight). This reduced during the subsequent editions with only four different brands at Euro 2008 and 2012.

The expansion to 24 nations in 2016, once again increased the number of different brands active as kit sponsor at the tournament. This time to seven, the second most since 1988. During the last two editions there have been six different brands. Of which five (Adidas, Hummel, Joma, Nike, and Puma) were present at both Euro 2020 and 2024.

Number of kit sponsors at the European Championship

What did the Euro champions and runners-up wear?

During the last ten editions (1984-2020), Adidas has sponsored seven champions. The most during that period. Hummel sponsored Denmark during their famous championship run in 1992. While Nike and Puma sponsored champions Portugal (2016) and Italy (2020) respectively.

The runners-up since 1984 have worn five different brands. Adidas and Nike both had three runners-up. Puma had two teams losing the final, while Le Coq Sportif (Spain in 1984) and Kappa (Italy in 2000) missed out as well.

There have been three finals between nations wearing the same brand since 1984. In 1988 and 2008 both finalists wore Adidas. While it was a Nike-clash between Portugal and France in 2016.

How dominant have Nike, Adidas and Puma been as kit sponsor in Euro-history?

Adidas, Nike, and Puma have sponsored the most finalists since 1984. They are also the brands that tend to sponsor the most sides across the Big Five leagues and at major tournaments. With all three brands acting as kit supplier of at least one nation at every European Championship since 1996.

Adidas has sponsored the most teams at Euros between 1988 and 2016. In 1988 and 1992, there were eight nations participating and the German brand supplied half of the participants. At Euro 2000, 50 percent of the teams wore Adidas as well. Despite the field doubling to 16 nations in 1996. When the field expanded to 24 nations in 2016, Adidas sponsored nine nations.

In 2008, Adidas, Nike and Puma each supplied five nations (out of 16). Sweden (Umbro) was the only nation sponsored by a different brand.

During the last two editions, Nike has had the honour of sponsoring the most nations (nine) at the European Championship.

Nike, Adidas and Puma as kit sponsors at the European Championship

Kit sponsors at the European Championship 2024 compared to the 2024 Copa América and 2022 World Cup

There is relatively less variety in kit brands at Euro 2024 compared to the 2024 Copa América and the 2022 World Cup. The Euros in Germany has one brand per four nations, while this is one brand per 3.2 at the Copa 2024 and was 3.56 at the World Cup 2022.

At the 2024 Copa América there are five different brands sponsoring the teams. However, with only 16 North and South American nations participating, it means the most variety amongst the three tournaments in relative terms. Adidas sponsors half of the teams, while Nike has four nations in its portfolio. Including Uruguay (since April 2024), after the country was without a sponsor since its deal with Puma came to an end in 2023. Marathon (two), Reebok, and Puma (both one) are the other three brands represented.

At the 2022 World Cup, there were nine brands sponsoring the 32 nations. With teams coming from different regions and the larger field, more brands were to be expected. Nike sponsored the most nations with 13, followed by Adidas with seven. Together with Puma, these brands sponsored over 80 percent of the teams participating in Qatar. Majid (Iran), Kappa (Tunisia), One All Sports (Cameroon), and New Balance (Costa Rica) are brands that sponsored a team at the World Cup but are not supplying any nations at the Euros or Copa in 2024. Costa Rica does play at the 2024 Copa, but the nation switched to Adidas at the beginning of 2023.

Kit sponsors at Euro 2024 vs Copa América 2024 vs 2022 World Cup

WhatEuro 2024Copa América 20242022 World Cup
Number of nations241632
Number of different kit sponsors659
Kit sponsors (nations – %)

Nike (9 – 38%)
Adidas (6 – 25%)
Puma (4 -17%)
Joma (2 – 8%)
Macron (2 – 8%)
Hummel (1 – 4%)

Adidas (8 – 50%)
Nike (4 – 25%)
Marathon (2 – 13%)
Reebok (1 – 6%)
Puma (1 – 6%)

Nike (13 – 41%)
Adidas (7 – 22%)
Puma (6 – 19%)
Hummel (1 – 3%)
Kappa (1 – 3%)
Majid (1 – 3%)
Marathon (1 – 3%)
New Balance (1 – 3%)
One All Sports (1 – 3%)