Kit sponsors at the Copa América

Kit sponsors at the Copa América

Expanded to 16 teams and held in the USA, the 2024 Copa América has a greater reach than many of the previous editions. Not only tournament sponsors, sports brands will also benefit from the increased visibility.

So which sports brands are represented at the tournament taking place between June 20th and July 14th? And which brands dominate as kit sponsor at the Copa América historically?

Which brands sponsor the teams at the Copa América 2024?

Five different sports apparel brands sponsor the 16 nations competing at the Copa América 2024. Including Adidas, Marathon, Nike, Puma, and Reebok.

Kit sponsors at the Copa América 2024

With eight nations, Adidas supplies half of the teams in the USA. Only Argentina and Colombia were also active in Adidas kits at the 2021 Copa. Three others switched to Adidas. Peru from Marathon, Chile from Nike and Venezuela from Givova. Furthermore, the 2024 edition expanded to 16 nations by inviting six CONCACAF teams. Three of which play in Adidas kits.

American brand Nike sponsors four nations at the 2024 tournament. Compared to 2021, they no longer sponsor Chile, but they still sponsor Brazil. In April 2024, they also secured an agreement with the national team of Uruguay. The participation of the USA and Canada, doubles Nike’s number of teams.

Marathon sponsors Ecuador and Bolivia. One less than three years prior, when they also sponsored Peru. Reebok sponsors CONCACAF nation Panama. While Puma sponsors Paraguay, in addition to supplying the referee kits and ball.

Kit sponsors at the Copa América 2024

NationKit sponsorBuy from Amazon (Affiliate link)
Costa RicaAdidas
EcuadorMarathonHome | Away
MexicoAdidasHome | Away

Adidas vs Adidas most frequent matchup during the group stage

The top three matchups during the group stage are between Adidas and Adidas (seven times), Adidas and Nike (five times), and Adidas and Marathon (three times).

Adidas vs Puma, Nike vs Marathon, and Nike vs Reebok each have two matchups during the group stage.

While apart from the seven all-Adidas clashes, Uruguay vs the USA is the only other group stage match in which the teams are sponsored by the same brand. In this case Nike.

Top 3 most frequent brand matchups during the Copa América 2024 group stage

MatchupNumber of times
Adidas vs Adidas7
Adidas vs Nike5
Adidas vs Marathon3

Number of different brands since 1999

Since 1999, the number of different sponsors at the Copa América has fluctuated between ten and five. With a downward trend seemingly present. However, with varying number of nations participating (between 10 and 16) and different nations invited, a clear-cut comparison is difficult.

Between 1999 and 2015 the tournament had 12 participating nations. With the number of brands decreasing significantly from 10 to seven at the 2007 edition.

At the commemorative Centenario edition in 2016, the tournament expanded to 16 nations. The number of brands increased slightly to eight.

During the last three editions, despite varying number of teams participating (2019: 12 nations; 2021:10 nations; 2024: 16 nations), the number of different brands has remained at five. With Adidas, Marathon, Nike, and Puma sponsoring at least one team at all three editions.

Number of kit sponsors at the Copa América

What did the Copa América champions and runners-up wear?

During the last nine editions (1999-2021), Nike has sponsored five champions. The most during that period. Puma sponsored Uruguay and Chile during their championship runs in 2011 and 2015 respectively. While Reebok and Adidas sponsored the champions in 2001 (Colombia) and 2021 (Argentina).

The runners-up during those editions have worn five different brands. Adidas sponsored five runners-up, all between 2004 and 2016. On four occasions it was Argentina who came up short in Adidas kits. Nike, Tenfield, Atletica, and Marathon each supplied one runner-up since 1999.

No final has been contested between teams wearing the same brand kit between 1999 and 2021. There have been four Adidas vs Nike finals, with the Nike-supplied teams coming out on top on three occasions.

Which brands have dominated in Copa-history?

It is often Adidas, Nike and Puma who sponsor the most teams across the Big Five leagues and at major tournaments, such as the European Championship. While these brands also dominate at the Copa América, Marathon matches these brands’ presence at the Copa.

The Ecuadorian brand has provided kits 18 times between 1999 and 2024. Coming third, only behind Adidas (35 times) and Nike (20 times). Marathon also sponsored at least one nation at each of the ten tournaments during this period. Nike and Puma were the only other two brands to do so.

Adidas has dominated the Copa América since 2007. Apart from 2021, they sponsored the most teams at the various editions. At the Copa 2024, the German brand even sponsors 50 percent of the participating teams.

At the 1999 and 2001 editions, Adidas, Marathon, Nike and Puma were not dominating the field yet. Reebok and Atletica sponsored the most teams (both three nations) in 1999 and 2001 respectively.

Nike, Adidas Marathon and Puma as kit sponsors at the Copa América

Kit sponsors at the 2024 Copa América compared to the European Championship 2024 and 2022 World Cup

When it comes to brand variety in relative terms, the Copa América 2024 ranks between the 2022 World Cup and 2024 Euros. The Copa 2024 has one brand per 3.56 nations, while this is one per four at Euro 2024 and 3.56 at the 2022 World Cup.

At the 2024 European Championship there are six different brands sponsoring the teams. Only one more than at the Copa, despite the number of participating nations (24) being 50 percent higher. Nike sponsors nine teams, while Adidas has six teams and Puma four in its portfolio. Joma, Macron, and Hummel also sponsor at least one nation. Yet the three are not represented at the 2024 Copa América.

At the 2022 World Cup, there were nine brands sponsoring the 32 nations. With double the field and a more international field, more brands were to be expected. Nike sponsored the most nations with 13, followed by Adidas with seven. Together with Puma, these brands sponsored over 80 percent of the teams in Qatar. Majid (Iran), Kappa (Tunisia), One All Sports (Cameroon), and New Balance (Costa Rica) are brands that sponsored a team at the World Cup but are not supplying any nations at the Euros or Copa in 2024. Costa Rica does play at the 2024 Copa, but the nation switched to Adidas at the beginning of 2023.

Kit sponsors at Copa América 2024 vs Euro 2024 vs 2022 World Cup

WhatCopa América 2024Euro 20242022 World Cup
Number of nations162432
Number of different kit sponsors569
Kit sponsors (nations – %)

Adidas (8 – 50%)
Nike (4 – 25%)
Marathon (2 – 13%)
Reebok (1 – 6%)
Puma (1 – 6%)

Nike (9 – 38%)
Adidas (6 – 25%)
Puma (4 -17%)
Joma (2 – 8%)
Macron (2 – 8%)
Hummel (1 – 4%)

Nike (13 – 41%)
Adidas (7 – 22%)
Puma (6 – 19%)
Hummel (1 – 3%)
Kappa (1 – 3%)
Majid (1 – 3%)
Marathon (1 – 3%)
New Balance (1 – 3%)
One All Sports (1 – 3%)