2014 Christmas Deals and Shops from Football Clubs in the Big 5 Leagues

Christmas Deals

French League Side Metz offering a 3 match package

It’s almost Christmas and the perfect time for football clubs to sell their merchandise. Are football clubs altering their online stores for Christmas? Are there any special Christmas deals? And are there major differences between Christmas deals and online stores across the Big 5 leagues?

Differences between Christmas deals and stores

  • England most active in altering their online stores for Christmas, including Christmas deals such as 3 for 2, discounts and free shipping.
  • France – many clubs offer midseason match packages.
  • France – multiple clubs have similar looking ‘boutiques’ and many have made adjustments for Christmas.
  • Italy – lots of clubs share Christmas wishes. Deals offered are discounts rather than promo codes.
  • Germanyloads of advent calendar deals, special promotions and discounts.
  • Spainleast amount of clubs integrating Christmas in their online stores. Not many Christmas deals.
  • SpainAtlético Madrid and Real Madrid are most active with Christmas. FC Barcelona has a special page dedicated to Christmas with games and apps. Yet no real Christmas store exists, juts a link to the regular Nike store.
  • Advent calendars are popular, including promo codes. Especially in England and Germany. Ranging between 10 and 15 days.
  • Mentioning shipping deadlines is common across all leagues.
  • Free shipping is often offered, although certain conditions apply.
  • Many 2013/14 kits are now on sale.

Christmas deals


What kind of Christmas deals and shops do you like? What other deals should clubs be offering?

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