ATP, WTA and ITF sponsors

ATP WTA ITF Sponsors

The Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) and the International Tennis Federation (ITF) are the governing bodies in professional tennis. They focus on different parts of the tennis market and control their own business and thus their sponsorship deals.

We take a look at the ATP, WTA and ITF sponsors – as listed on the governing bodies’ websites – first by comparing them and then by listing the partners of all three organisations.

ITF has the most partners

The ITF has the most partners with 11. The ATP follows with 10, while the WTA has eight partners listed on their website.

Since the ITF also lists partners for their wheelchair and beach tennis branches, the amount of partners between organisations does not vary much. In the past the ATP often had the most partners. Given the appeal of the men’s tour with stars like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, the ATP seems to be in the best position to make sponsorship deals.

The women’s game is still slightly lacking when it comes to general appeal. Making it harder to attract sponsors. However, the WTA and women’s tennis is one of the, if not the, biggest women sport around and it keeps developing. This gives the WTA an advantage over other sports.

The ITF has a good position due to ‘owning’ the four Grand Slams, the Davis Cup and Fed Cup, wheelchair tennis and its developmental role in the game. However, the organisation is less visible than the ATP and WTA to fans. This could make it harder to attract sponsors. By implementing several changes, such as the new Davis Cup format, the ITF has chosen a new course, during which it has also attracted new sponsors.

27 different companies

27 different companies have official partnerships with at least one of the three governing bodies in tennis. E-commerce company Tennis-Point has a partnership with both the ATP and ITF. While competitor Tennis Warehouse partners the women’s tour. In addition to Tennis-Point, Topcourt also sponsors two tennis organisations. The online education platform where you can learn tennis skills from professional tennis players and coaches partners with both the ATP and WTA.

E-commerce companies are popular

When the brands are categorised based on industry, you can roughly divide them into 19 different industries. E-commerce companies are a popular partner of the ATP, WTA and ITF with three companies (four partnerships) active in that industry.

Information technology and financial services companies also seem to make an interesting partner. Each governing body partners with a provider of information technology, but all with a different one (ATP – Infosys, WTA – SAP and ITF – NEC).

ATP WTA ITF sponsors per industry

ATP lists 10 sponsors

The ATP has 10 sponsors. Noticeable is the different levels of sponsorship, with Emirates as Premier Partner the highest. The ATP also has two Golden partners, one Silver Partner and four Official Suppliers. In addition, they have an Official Racket Sports Products Retailer and Official Tennis Club. In the past they also had several Platinum Partners.

ATP sponsors

InfosysInformation technology
DunlopSporting goods
ASTI DocgBeverages (alcohol)
TopcourtOnline education
TherabodyWellness technology
Ponte Vedra Inn & ClubSports club

8 WTA sponsors, including a gaming operator

The WTA lists eight partners on its website and like the ATP, uses different sponsorship tiers. It has no ‘title sponsor’, but instead has three Global Official Partners, four Global Official Suppliers and one Authorised Gaming Operator. It is the only governing body associated with a gaming/betting company.

WTA sponsors

SAPInformation technology
WhoopWearable technology
CorpayFinancial services
Tennis WarehouseE-commerce
USANAMulti-level marketing of nutritional products
TopcourtOnline education

11 ITF sponsors, sponsoring branches

At the moment the ITF has the highest amount of partners with 11, of which three companies have their headquarters in Japan.
The ITF has sponsors specifically associated with its various branches. NEC for wheelchair tennis and Sandever for beach tennis.

ITF sponsors

BNP ParibasFinancial services
NECInformation technology
OFXFinancial services
Sandever (Decathlon)Sporting goods
Johan Cruyff FoundationFoundation
SportradarSports data
California Sports SurfacesSports surfaces

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