6 need-to-knows about the UEFA Women’s EURO 2017

UEFA Women's EURO 2017

The UEFA Women’s EURO 2017 takes place in the Netherlands between July 16 and August 6. Source: Women’s EURO website

The UEFA Women’s EURO takes place in the Netherlands between July 16 and August 6. 16 European nations participate, including Germany – champion of the last six editions – and five debutants. The 31 matches will take place in seven stadiums across the Netherlands.

Below we take a look at some need-to-knows about the UEFA Women’s EURO 2017. From the first Panini women trading cards to campaigns to get the youth involved in women’s football.

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Women’s EURO 2017 Groups

Below an overview of the 2017 Women’s EURO groups, including each nation’s kit sponsor:

Women’s EURO 2017 groups & kit sponsors

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
Belgium (Adidas)Germany (Adidas)Austria (Puma)England (Nike)
Denmark (Hummel)Italy (Puma)France (Nike)Portugal (Nike)
Netherlands (Nike)Russia (Adidas)Iceland (Erreà)Scotland (Adidas)
Norway (Nike)Sweden (Adidas)Switzerland (Puma)Spain (Adidas)

Panini trading cards

For the first time Panini has launched a sticker collection around the Women’s EURO. The company already had a sticker collection around the Women’s World Cup. With the rise of women’s football in Europe it only makes sense to launch such a collection. There are 334 stickers to collect, including twenty stickers per nation. There is also a digital trading card collection available on desktop and in an app.

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Health campaigns

The tournament – together with the World Heart Federation and the Dutch heart foundation – wants to raise awareness of the importance of being active in everyday live. A new mobile app around the tournament encourages fans to cycle and walk to the games. This health campaign is perfect for a cycle-friendly country like the Netherlands. The free Active Match App helps fans on match days to get to the stadium and to park their bikes. After each successful journey on foot or bike, the fans get details about the distance travelled, calories burned and CO2 emissions saved. They also enter into a prize draw that includes tickets to the final.

The Dutch football association and the Dutch heart foundation also set up a campaign in the Netherlands to make kids aware of the importance of being active. They created a being-active program that was introduced at schools. The organisers also released several videos explaining nine different exercises to keep fit and active on their own YouTube-channel.

Dutch youth campaign

This health campaign complements the many other campaigns around the tournament to get the Dutch youth to go out and play.

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An educational program called Kicken was developed to introduce kids to the tournament and women’s football in a fun way. Kicken also focuses on working together and the relationship between being active, healthy food and health. The website gives a lot of different educational lessons surrounding football for all ages up to twelve.

Football clubs could also request material to organise a friends-day, so more kids could get familiar with football. A smart and simple way to give clubs the tools to recruit more footballers and hopefully raise the game in the country.

During the tournament there are also fan zones in each host city. The fan zones are often focussed on the youngest members of society. They are a great way to introduce kids to the game in a fun manner. There are group marches to the stadium, games and father-daughter tournaments.

Ticket prices

Below an overview of the ticket prices at the Women’s EURO 2017:

Women’s EURO 2017 ticket prices

TicketGroup stageQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinals
Cat 1 (youth 15 and under)€20 (€10)€20 (€10)€30 (€15)€40 (€20)
Cat 2 (youth 15 and under)€10 (€5)€10 (€5)€15 (€7.50)€20 (€10)

Prize money

The total EURO prize purse has increased to 8 million Euros. In 2013 this was just 2.2 million Euros. Below an overview of the prize money awarded in each round:

Women’s EURO 2017 prize money

StageAmount awarded in €
Group stage300,000
Runner-up1 million
Champion1.2 million

A few interesting campaigns have been set up around the UEFA Women’s EURO 2017, with the Dutch especially aiming for more football participation among the youth. Hopefully it will lead to great returns for women’s football.

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