2022 FIFA World Cup kit sponsors

2022 FIFA World Cup sponsors

From November 20th till December 18th, Qatar will host the 2022 World Cup. 32 nations will compete across five cities for the World Cup. It is the first time the tournament will not take place during May, June or July, due to the host country’s summer heat.

After analysing the kit sponsors at other tournaments like the 2018 World Cup and EURO 2016 and in leagues such as the Premier League and Champions League, we now take a look at the kit sponsors at the 2022 World Cup. Are the usual brands supplying the nations? How do the kit sponsors at the 2022 World Cup compare to previous editions?

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Note: this article is subject to changes in case new deals are announced.

2022 World Cup Kit Sponsors: 32 nations, 9 brands

Nine different clothing brands sponsor the 32 nations competing in Qatar. Fans will see kits from Adidas, Hummel, Kappa, Majid, Marathon, New Balance, Nike, One All Sports and Puma.

Number of nations per kit sponsor

Nike is the main kit supplier at the 2022 World Cup with 13 nations. That is three more than during the previous World Cup in Russia. With host Qatar, Canada, USA and the Netherlands all four wearing Nike while they did not qualify for Russia.

Adidas supplies seven nations. A significant decrease compared to the previous edition where they sponsored the most nations (12). Four teams – Colombia, Egypt, Russia and Sweden – that wore Adidas four years ago did not qualify this time around (Egypt switched to Puma in 2019). Morocco did qualify, but the North African country switched to Puma at the end of 2019.

The German brand has also long been an official partner of FIFA, and thus the World Cup. So they supply the tournament’s gear, like the ball (buy on Amazon), and their logo will be visible in the tournament’s official marketing material.

Over 80% is supplied by three brands

Together with Puma (six nations), Nike and Adidas sponsor over 80% of the nations participating.

Hummel, Kappa, Majid, Marathon, New Balance and One All Sports complete the list by each sponsoring one nation.

In August, Cameroon announced a three-year partnership with One All Sports after the football association unilaterally ended their running partnership with Le Coq Sportif in July 2022. However, since termination of the deal was not justified according to the French manufacturer, they intend to take legal action against both the federation and the new manufacturer.

24 nations participating in Qatar also qualified for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Only three of those nations will wear a different brand this edition: Iran, Morocco and Tunisia.

Nation (Confederation)Kit SponsorCheck it out on Amazon (Affiliate Link)
Argentina (CONMEBOL)AdidasHome | Away
Australia (AFC)Nike
Belgium (UEFA)AdidasHome
Brazil (CONMEBOL)Nike
Cameroon (CAF)One All Sports
Canada (CONCACAF)Nike
Costa Rica (CONCACAF)New Balance
Croatia (UEFA)Nike
Denmark (UEFA)Hummel
Ecuador (CONMEBOL)MarathonHome | Away
England (UEFA)Nike
France (UEFA)Nike
Germany (UEFA)AdidasHome | Away
Ghana (CAF)PumaHome | Away
Iran (AFC)Majid
Japan (AFC)AdidasHome | Away
Mexico (CONCACAF)AdidasHome | Away
Morocco (CAF)Puma
Netherlands (UEFA)Nike
Poland (UEFA)Nike
Portugal (UEFA)Nike
Qatar (AFC)Nike
Republic of Korea (AFC)Nike
Saudi Arabia (AFC)Nike
Senegal (CAF)PumaHome | Away
Serbia (UEFA)PumaHome | Away
Spain (UEFA)AdidasHome | Away
Switzerland (UEFA)PumaAway
Tunisia (CAF)Kappa
Uruguay (CONMEBOL)PumaHome
Wales (UEFA)Adidas

Nike and Adidas not supplying CAF nations

UEFA (Europe) has the most nations playing at the 2022 World Cup. The 13 UEFA teams are sponsored by four different brands – Adidas (4), Hummel (1), Nike (6) and Puma (2).

The four participating CONMEBOL (South America) teams are also sponsored by four different brands – Adidas, Marathon, Nike and Puma (each 1).

AFC (Asia) and CONCACAF (North and Middle America) each have three different brands. While CAF (Africa) with three different brands, is the only confederation were none of the participants wear Nike or Adidas.

Kit sponsors at the 2022 World Cup vs. 2018 vs. 2014

When comparing the kit suppliers during the last three World Cup editions, there is not much difference between them. During the 2018 and 2014 World Cup there were eight different brands, while there are nine different brands this edition.

During all three editions, it is Nike and Adidas who supply the most nations. In 2014 the two powerhouses supplied 60% of the nations (19 out of 32). During the 2018 edition this was even higher with 70% (22 out of 32). At Qatar 20 nations wear Nike and Adidas, which comes down to 63%.

Puma completes the top three during all three editions. Only at the 2018 World Cup, Puma supplied far fewer nations than Nike and Adidas.

New Balance is the only other brand to have supplied more than one nation at one of the three editions.

2022 World Cup2018 World Cup2014 World Cup
Total number of teams323232
Total number of brands988
Brands (number of teams – %)Nike (13 – 41%)Adidas (12 – 38%)Nike (10 – 32%)
 Adidas (7 – 22%)Nike (10 – 32%)Adidas (9 – 28%)
 Puma (6 – 19%)Puma (4 – 12%)Puma (8 – 25%)
 Hummel (1 – 3%)New Balance (2 – 6%)Burrda (1 – 3%)
 Kappa (1 – 3%)Erreà (1 – 3%)Joma (1 – 3%)
 Majid (1 – 3%)Hummel (1 – 3%)Lotto (1 – 3%)
 Marathon (1 – 3%)Uhlsport (1 – 3%)Marathon (1 – 3%)
 New Balance (1 – 3%)Umbro(1 – 3%)Uhlsport (1 – 3%)
One All Sports (1 – 3%)

Long standing sponsorships

There have been few changes in kit supplier between the last two editions. Moreover, several countries have been supplied by the same brand for decades.

For example, Adidas has sponsored the German national team since 1954. In 2018 the German brand prolonged their partnership with the 2014 World Cup champions until 2026. The deal is said to be the ‘most lucrative national team sportswear contract’ with the DFB receiving 50 million euros per year.

Other nations do not come close to the long partnership between the DFB and Adidas, but multiple other partnerships are over two decades old. Spain (since 1991) and Japan (since 1999) wear Adidas, while the USA (since 1995), Brazil and the Netherlands (both since 1997) wear Nike for over twenty years.

Last six World Cup winners wore Adidas, Nike or Puma

Adidas, Nike and Puma also lead when it comes to supplying the champions. The last six World Cup winners all wore one of these three brands: Adidas (3), Nike (2) and Puma (1).

Defending champions France wore Nike during their successful run in 2018. Twenty years prior in 1998, Les Blues were crowned champions in Adidas kits. Adidas also supplied the World Champions of 2014 (Germany) and 2010 (Spain). When Italy were crowned World Champions in 2006 they played in Puma kits, while Brazil wore Nike when they became champions in 2002.

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